With love from...


I love daydreaming to the sound crackly vinyl, antique lace with paper thin silk, reading old novels, printed textiles and collecting ‘trinkets’ with stories attached (not in a crazy-old-lady-with-too-many-cats sort of way). I’m romantic in every aspect of the word, and pine for the glamour and whimsical world of a bygone era... just like an Agatha Christie novel... minus the murder obviously!
With Love From Bobbin was born of the fusion between Ashley's wonderful imagination and her vast experience working with renowned fashion brands like Coast. Inspired by the romantic creativity that was set in motion by her own wedding, Ashley began to create bridal and luxury headpieces, meticulously hand crafted... with love.

With Love From Bobbin pieces are currently for sale at Hubbard's Cupboard, but if you would prefer a personalised accessory please don't hesitate to contact us!


I am a writer + communicator + crochet enthusiast drawn to this corner of cyberspace by the charm of Ashley’s glittering talent. I'll be posting weekly on different subjects, searching for trends and curiosities, and telling the stories behind With Love From Bobbin's original creations!