Thursday, March 28, 2013

Read + listen + watch #1

with love from bobbin - read+hear+watch#1

Spring has decided to delay its appearance and left us all dreading a never-ending winter of unforgiving cold. That's why I've chosen to contradict this general gloomy state-of-mind by dedicating our first "suggestions" post to a very "springful" theme: HOPE!

1. Let's start with one of my eternal obsessions: Jane Austen. Persuasion, available in this beautiful hard-cover edition from Penguin (2011), tells us about a woman that dared to love even when all hope was gone. It is not a lightweight romance in which the heroine is solely obsessed with finding a marriage partner: the book makes us contemplate an existence consumed with regret and invites us to witness the transformations which the pursuit of happiness can bring.

2. There are a lot of films that could fit the category of hope, but The Color Purple (1985) occupies a very special place in my imagination. Maybe it is because of the beautiful photography and direction, maybe it is because of the award-winning narrative that tells us the story of a simple woman that finds her true value through the strength of friendship and forgiveness. Whatever the reason, believe me: the heart-lifting ending makes it worth all the drama!

3. My musical choice goes to the folk guitar virtuosity and evocative melodies of Richard Thompson. Regardless of trends and fashion he has carried on making what Rolling Stone magazine described as "spellbinding music for whoever cares to hear it". (Read more: Richard's career fills us with the hope of self-fulfilment based on authenticity rather than popularity, and that's why his work fits perfectly with our theme.

That's it for today. Needless to say I hope you like the suggestions!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Trend hunting

Once a month I pack my bags and head to London to spend a week working as a textile designer. This was one of those weeks. We were laying down the foundations of the next Autumn/Winter fabric collection, viewing and reviewing the best of the London, Paris, New York and Milan fashion weeks. All this research will help us to decide on the trends that will make our printed fabrics look fabulous next season! These fabrics will then travel all around the high street, appearing in display windows and filling shelves at Miss Selfridge, Asos and Topshop; it's a busy but very exciting time of the year!
Here's a sneak peek of what's to come - hope you like it!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

And now for something completely different

Last Sunday we were exhibiting at the quirky Something Kinda Vintage wedding fair, and it was certainly a day to remember! Michelle and Craig did a great job bringing together all kinds of creative people and putting on such an incredible event.
It was lovely to meet up with Bobbin's brides and to see our very own pieces coming down the catwalk. But perhaps the best thing about the day was having the chance to make new acquaintances and to get inspired by the work of so many talented people. Take Al and Johnny from Slightly Wobbly for example: they create funny, stylish illustrations and bespoke portraits! Sylvie and Joan was another great discovery. We loved meeting the company's owner and founder Emma, who has an incomparable sense of style and can really get things done when it comes to wedding and event planning. There were some beautiful cakes on show from Little Cake Cupboard and Heavenly - true works of art, and they taste as good as they look!
A big thanks to Something Kinda Cute (count us in for your next fair!), to Ears and Whiskers and to Kylie Jonkman for making our pieces stand out by working such wonders with hair and make-up.
Can't wait to see the official photos!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Real Brides: Emily

Back in January I met up with Emily to discuss some special headpieces for her and her bridesmaids. Emily told me all about her ideas and even gave me some bits of lace that she would like me to include in the pieces.
And thus began a wonderful creative journey!
Having in mind the 60's-inspired look that Emily was planning for her big day, I started off by reconstructing the scraps of lace, cropping each piece individually and sewing them back together. This up-cycled composition served as working base, to which I added the remaining elements: the rose, also supplied by Emily, ostrich feathers, the veiling, and other romantic and quirky details.

The bridesmaids pieces featured vintage flowers, ostrich feathers, pearls and even the same lace fabric used on Emily's dress. This particular detail completely transformed the pieces, giving them a lovely emotional side: I think they make perfect keepsakes!
I was very happy with the finished work and I was even happier after hearing back from Emily:
'It was a fantastic sunny day and I had so many lovely comments on my headpiece, thank-you so much again.'
This will be one project to remember!

Friday, March 8, 2013

The pearl of the Indian Ocean

This year's holiday plans have recently been occupying a large part of my day-dreaming time. We're going to Sri Lanka and I can't wait to dive into those tropical evergreen landscapes in search of inspiration for my work! 
Throughout the centuries the island has gathered different cultures, religions, languages and traditions. Needless to say, these varied influences have left their mark on art and fashion too.
I love the drama and grandeur of traditional Sri-Lankan jewellery headpieces, and I am not the only designer to feel that way! A couple of years ago Karl Lagerfield also dipped his toes into Indian seas in search of inspiration for an Autum/Winter Chanel collection and the results were fabulous! Just take a look at the majestic air of these creations:  refinement and exoticism at the same time! 
Let's hope the pearl of the Indian Ocean will have the same effect on me!

Image attributions:
Meter stamp catalog image, Sri Lanka type C3, by Richard Stambaugh (Richard Stambaugh) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Chanel , pre-autumn/winter 2012-13 collection , via vogue

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

All the fun of the fair...

Bobbin will be displaying her wares at the Something Kinda Vintage Fair (17th March - Cardiff Coal Exchange) so has been a busy bee preparing new treats for the lucky brides-to-be!
Very excited to be launching a new range of pretty wedding garters and quirky shoe clips - a little sneak peek below...

See you there!